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Sandwiches, Pastries, and Coffee

Banh Mi Sandwiches

Our menu of classic Vietnamese "banh mi" and Western-style sandwiches revolves around our hallmark: the French baguette.
Baguettes are baked fresh throughout the day, and sandwiches made when ordered.


Large and fulfilling, the pastries are a perfect pick-me-up in between meals. They are made in-house and hand-rolled to ensure optimal shape and size.
Also pair our baguettes with our To-Go items or with your next potluck gathering!

Vietnamese Iced Coffees

Vietnamese coffee is known for its strong and thick flavor. Meant to be slowly sipped and enjoyed, our coffee is the perfect companion to a study session or a long day at work.

Mr. Baguette To-Go Items

Bring a variety of our To-Go items to your next home gathering or potluck party. Some of our popular meats, as well as pate and mayonnaise spread, are ready-to-share and eat!

Pate Duck
Mayonnaise To-Go
Pate To-Go (web)-01296
To-go Veggie Meats
Food platter-01099

Mr. Baguette Party Trays

Have a large gathering but don’t want to cook? Call in to inquire about our party trays for your event. We can cut your minimum 10 sandwich order into halves or thirds, with the veggies either on the side, or inside the sandwich, ready to be served. 


The Mr. Baguette journey started in 2003, with a vision of bringing Paris’ authentic French Baguettes to Southern California, with a French-Vietnamese influence.

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